Activity log for bug #1490014

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2015-08-28 20:00:29 Chris Coulson bug added bug
2015-08-28 20:00:34 Chris Coulson oxide: importance Undecided Medium
2015-08-28 20:00:37 Chris Coulson oxide: status New Triaged
2015-08-28 20:01:50 Chris Coulson description Currently DrawGlyphs and Navigate are unimplemented Currently DrawGlyphs and Navigate are unimplemented, as well as InvokePrinting (although, I'm not sure what we do with that yet)
2015-10-23 13:56:25 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:oxide
2015-10-23 13:56:26 Chris Coulson oxide: assignee Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
2015-10-23 13:56:29 Chris Coulson oxide: milestone branch-1.12
2015-10-23 13:56:32 Chris Coulson oxide: status Triaged Fix Released
2016-01-21 13:53:00 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.trusty
2016-01-21 13:53:08 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.vivid
2016-01-21 13:53:12 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.wily
2016-01-21 13:53:18 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.xenial
2016-02-16 19:32:06 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~oxide-developers/oxide/packaging.vivid.overlay