SQLAlchemy + oursql Connection Timeout Issue

Bug #906183 reported by Stephen Hu on 2011-12-19
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Bug Description

i'm running into the MySQL timeout issue (MySQL server has gone away) using oursql in conjunction with SQLAlchemy. from the SQLAlchemy documentation:

Connection Timeout

MySQL features an automatic connection close behavior, for connections that have been idle for eight hours or more. To circumvent having this issue, use the pool_recycle option which controls the maximum age of any connection.

My application is a web application where i hold onto connections persistently and i've added the pool_recycle option as suggested by sqlalchemy, but wondering if somehow this is not being recognized by oursql. i have yet to look into any of the SQLAlchemy code to see if what i imagine them to be doing is testing their connections periodically to essentially keep it alive.


Python = 2.7.1
SQLAlchemy = 0.7.3
oursql = 0.9.3
MySQL = 5.1.58
Linux = 2.6.x (64 bit)

here's a snippet of my python code, sorry I canot provide a runnable reproducer at the moment:

conn_str = driver + 'mysql+oursql://' + user + ':' + password + '@' + host + ':' + \
    str(port) + '/' + db

self.engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine( conn_str, echo=False, pool_recycle=3600 ) # number of seconds for a connection
self.metadata = sqlalchemy.MetaData(bind=self.engine)
self.connection = self.engine.connect()
self.Session = sqlalchemy.orm.sessionmaker(bind=self.engine)
self.session = self.Session()

Stephen Hu (goodruck) wrote :

i tried using another mysql driver (mysqldb) to rule out any potential issues with SQLAlchemy and found that the latest version of that exhibits the same behavior. upon realizing this, i started to look into my code and found that SQLAlchemy runs with autocommit=False, which means that you must commit (and close) your connections so i was holding onto connections continuously. setting this to true, each query would result in committing and returning the connection to the pool.

please close this bug.

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