Simple query causes AWS Aurora server to crash

Bug #1572180 reported by Matt Fehrenbacher on 2016-04-19
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Bug Description

We've been using oursql to interact with an Amazon Aurora database, which is supposed to be compatible with MySQL 5.6. We were getting repeated crashes, and have been able to find a minimal test case that will reproduce this crash.

We're on Aurora version 5.6.10a , Aurora parameter group default.aurora5.6, oursql, Python 2.7.10.

Here's the Python that will cause our server to crash, including the create table statement for the referenced table:

import oursql
import sys

# Table structure (can be empty):
# create table `compound_pk` (
# a int not null,
# b int not null,
# primary key(a, b)
# ) engine=InnoDB default charset=utf8;

query = """
            when 1 = 1
                then 1
        end as a_case
    from compound_pk c
    where c.a = 1
    group by c.b

config = {
    'host': '',
    'user': 'user',
    'passwd': 'password',
    'db': 'my_db',
    'port': 3306

    conn = oursql.connect(**config)
    cursor = conn.cursor(oursql.DictCursor)
    print "Whoops:", sys.exc_info()

And here's the output (in addition to the server crashing):
Whoops: (<class 'oursql.OperationalError'>, OperationalError(2013, 'Lost connection to MySQL server during query', None), <traceback object at 0x108f10320>)

description: updated
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