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Bug #1799588: default paste_deploy.flavor is none, but config file text implies it is 'keystone' (was: non-admin users can see all tenants' images even when image is private) Undecided Incomplete 50 weeks

From: Michael Moore

Bug #1784871: ScaleIO (thin) volumes contain previous data (follow-up to 1699573) Undecided Confirmed 63 weeks
Bug #1561199: Client-accessible headers are used to send authentication information to other middlewares Undecided Incomplete 141 weeks

From: Tim Burke
Link: swift3-6ffcc29.patch

Rebased on

Bug #1562175: Pre-auth COPY in versioned_writes can result in a successful COPY that wouldn't have been authorized Undecided Incomplete 180 weeks

From: Tim Burke
Link: bug-1562175.patch


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