Comment 39 for bug 1824248

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/queens

commit e02b66a858b552783d442b52e08f296c849951db
Author: Slawek Kaplonski <email address hidden>
Date: Mon May 20 18:47:18 2019 +0200

    Show all SG rules belong to SG in group's details

    If security group contains rule(s) which were created by different
    user (admin), owner of this security group should see such rules
    even if those rules don't belong to him.

    This patch changes to use admin_context to get security group rules
    in get_security_group() method to achieve that.

    Test to cover such case is added in neutron-tempest-plugin repo.


    Change-Id: I890c81bb6eabc5caa620ed4fcc4dc88ebfa6e1b0
    Closes-Bug: #1824248
    (cherry picked from commit 1920a37a94b7a9589dcf83f6ff0765068560dbf8)
    (cherry picked from commit 252d80058cacc797fbfb970ad42031efe301b0e2)