Comment 13 for bug 1379998

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit a5d46d5ce7b690997fee7601d459231e05b965dd
Author: Ian Y. Choi <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 9 21:14:47 2015 +0900

    More support Sphinx >=1.3b1 and <1.3.1

    says Sphinx >=1.3, the actual implementation does not
    support Sphinx >=1.3b1 and 1.3.1.
    I have seen Sphinx release notes and source codes for
    those versions, and found that up to 1.2.3 used
    init_values(self) and Sphinx from 1.3b1 used
    init_values(self, warn).

    So to change the code from >=1.3.1 to >1.2.3, it can
    more support Sphinx >=1.3b1 and <1.3.1.

    Change-Id: Ia73be8111d3af7f72aaf640e4c7c519a5d0b08c5
    Partial-Bug: #1379998
    Related-Bug: #1496882