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Herve Beraud (herveberaud) wrote :


Today I submitted changes related to John's proposition (c.f PS3 ).

These changes are still "WIP" to allow us to discuss about the related details of the implementation.

The first that we could discuss about is can we drop the `direct_mandatory_flag` in favor of `at_least_once`.

I think it doesn't really make sense to keep the both params flags in parallel.

Either we want to re-raise the `MessageUndelivered` exception or to loop over a timeout, but I don't think we want to stop to use the mandatory flag option, isn't? For this reason I think we can simply define the `at_least_once` option as did in PS3 and simply abandon the `direct_mandatory_flag` option.

Also, notice that I tried to simulate the `MessageUndelivered` scenario by using oslo.messaging's simulator, unfortunatelly I couldn't reproduce the MessageUndeliverable exception.

Find bellow the followed process, maybe you will have an idea oon how to simulate that.

1. Run a rabbitmq server and allow to access to the dashboard to monitor things:

$ sudo podman run -d -e RABBITMQ_NODENAME=rabbitmq \
     -p 5672:5672 \
     -p 15672:15672 \
     --name rabbitmq rabbitmq:3-management

2. Prepare some configuration to use with our simulator:

# tuto.conf
transport_url = rabbit://localhost/
at_least_once = False

3. Run the RPC server

$ tox -e venv -- python tools/ --config-file ./tuto.conf -d rpc-server -w 40

Notice that I asked to the server to wait before answer to allow me to manually delete the reply queue on the rabbitmq server side.

4. Run the RPC client

$ tox -e venv -- python tools/ --config-file ./tuto.conf -d rpc-client

5. Delete the corresponding reply queue

$ sudo podman exec -it rabbitmq rabbitmqctl delete_queue reply_<id>

Unfortunatelly I can't fall into the expected situation by following this process...

I suppose that some other mechanisms catch that something went wrong with this scenario and it could explain why I didn't reach my expected scenario.

Please let me know if these changes fit our expectations and if they make sense to you or if they needs changes.