Comment 6 for bug 1836581

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: stable/rocky

commit e1b03386e5f24091664dfdff9cbd9ac5296375d1
Author: Moshe Levi <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 15 00:26:02 2019 +0300

    fix missing shared_block for PF interface in switchdev bond connected to ovs

    When having a deployment with ovs bridge having a linux bond and
    the slaves of that bond are in switchdev mode , shared_blocks are
    expected to be created for both the bond and the slaves, but because the
    slaves have an autoconfig IPv6 so ovs will assume that the slaves are not
    managed by it, and so those shared_blocks will be missing for those slaves.

    As a workaround for this issue we should handle two cases:
     * First os-net-config run / Post deployment
     * Reboot compute node

    For deployment case, we are restarting openvswitch and ifdown ifup
    any PF interface, this will make openvswitch recreate PF shared_block

    For reboot case, we are disabling ipv6 for PF interfaces and because
    the ovs will start after moving to swichdev, so the shared_blocks will
    be created.

    Also there is no need to ifup the PF interfaces after moving to switchdev
    in reboot case as the config scripts will bring them up later

    Change-Id: I2468866629d95dc9f088985d57fbf70263253235
    Closes-Bug: #1836581
    (cherry picked from commit a74bbdd7b017fb3bb9faffb4240efa59cb42c79c)