Unwanted message bands on resume or after screenshot

Bug #1079835 reported by cjakeman2 on 2012-11-16
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Posted for user pnrailway:

Pleased that you're making good use of OR and thanks for your feedback.
[quote name='pnrailway' timestamp='1353035506' post='104037']
2. Another appearance item. The thin band that appears when a screen shot is taken, is there any way that could be set much lower on the screen since it is necessary to crop it out of any screened screen shots and it still could be seen at as a half inch above the bottom of the screen.

3. On a related note, is there any way to remove the band(s) that appear on the screen each time an activity is restarted from a save as it use to be? Each time you restart an activity an additional bar appears that will not go away and again must be cropped out of the picture if a screenshot is taken.
I've seen these symptoms only occasionally and I guess from your message that these symptoms happen most of the time on your system. They shouldn't.

The thin band is the background to a message in white text. Sounds as though you're not seeing the text at all.

I'm also guessing that it's a timing issue with different threads taking the screenshot and putting up a message about it. We might need to synchronise these so that the message always happens after the screenshot is taken.

It would also help to know more about your system - OS, RAM, video card. Can you post more details, please?

Paul Precht (cpparchitect) wrote :
Download full text (8.4 KiB)


I see the thin black band and the writing for a screen shot, no problem there, I would love it if it were closer to the bottom of the screen though. After a time, the band and lettering fade as they are suppose to as well. The real problem, even at its current location, is that if you save an activity and then exit the program, to come back later to continue the activity. When you resume the activity where you left off, there is one of the black bands on the screen and it doesn't go away. If you save again and exit, when you resume there is a second band, one added for each time you exit the sim and restart the activity from where you left off. I tested it five times and there were five bands on the screen, these get in the way not only when taking screen shots but also when trying to complete the activity.

I am running Windows 7 - 64 bit. on a quad core 3.3 mh. computer with 6gb of ram and have a nVidia 9800GT vid card with 512 mb onboard ram.

I will register at the bug tracker and see what happens. Thanks.


Here also is the log file created for the last launch of ORTS, (latest edition 0.8x1330)

Open Rails is starting...
Argument 0 = -resume
Argument 1 = CNW 2012-11-16 20.41.10
Version = X.1330
Build = 0.0.4697.10612 Sat 11/10/2012 05:54 AM
Logfile = C:\Users\Paul\Desktop\OpenRailsLog.txt
Alerter = False
AvatarURL = (registry) http://www.openrails...CONmediumOD.jpg
BrakePipeChargingRate = 21
BreakCouplers = False
Cab2DStretch = 0
DataLogger = False
DynamicShadows = (registry) True
EmptySavePacksOnExit = True
FullScreen = (registry) True
GraduatedRelease = (registry) True
Logging = True
LoggingFilename = OpenRailsLog.txt
LoggingPath = C:\Users\Paul\Desktop
MSTSBINSound = (registry) True
Multiplayer = False
Multiplayer_Host = (registry)
Multiplayer_Port = 30000
Multiplayer_UpdateInterval = 10
Multiplayer_User = (registry)
MultiplayerClient = False
MultiplayerServer = False
Precipitation = (registry) True
Profiling = False
ProfilingFrameCount = 0
ProfilingTime = 0
ReplayPauseBeforeEnd = True
ReplayPauseBeforeEndS = 0
ScreenshotPath = C:\Users\Paul\Pictures\Open Rails
ShaderModel = 0
ShadowAllShapes = False
ShadowMapBlur = True
ShadowMapCount = 4
ShadowMapDistance = 0
ShadowMapResolution = 1024
ShowAvatar = False
ShowErrorDialogs = True
SoundDetailLevel = 5
SoundVolumePercent = 100
SuppressConfirmations = (registry) True
TrainLights = (registry) True
UseAdvancedAdhesion = True
VerticalSync = False
ViewDispatcher = False
ViewingDistance = 2000
ViewingFOV = 45
WindowGlass = (registry) True
WindowPosition_Activity = 50, 50
WindowPosition_Compass = 50, 0
WindowPosition_ComposeMessage = 50, 50
WindowPosition_DriverAid = 100, 100
WindowPosition_Help = 50, 50
WindowPosition_NextStation = 0, 100
WindowPosition_Quit = 50, 50
WindowPosition_Switch = (registry) 0, 36
WindowPosition_TrackMonitor = 100, 0
WindowPosition_TrainOperations = (registry) 50, 37
WindowSize = (registry) 1680x1050
Wire = False
WorldObjectDensity =...


cjakeman (cjakeman) on 2012-11-22
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cjakeman (cjakeman) wrote :

Believe I've fixed it in v1342 - many thanks for reporting it.

Please let me know if Resume still causes trouble.

Not looked at the message when you take a screenshot yet.

cjakeman (cjakeman) on 2012-11-25
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James Ross (twpol) on 2013-05-14
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milestone: none → 0.9
James Ross (twpol) on 2013-06-20
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