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Jon Tai (jontai) wrote :

Here's a specific failure scenario for this bug. Let's say you have two OpenVista instances, A and B. A was created with GT.M V5.3-004A, but B was created with GT.M V.4-000. Both have running processes (TaskMan, RPC broker etc.). During the nightly backup, the /etc/cron.daily/openvista calls set_gtm_env and appends the /opt/openvista/A/gtm to the $PATH, then runs ovbackup to back up A. ovbackup appends /opt/openvista/A/gtm to the $PATH again before calling mupip. Since the two entries are the same, it's not a problem (although it's redundant).

Once A is backed up, /etc/cron.daily/openvista calls ovbackup to back up B. ovbackup appends /opt/openvista/B/gtm to the $PATH before calling mupip, but /opt/openvista/A/gtm comes first in the $PATH, so the mupip from GT.M V5.3-004A is used instead of the mupip from GT.M V5.4-000. The backup fails with a %GTM-E-VERMISMATCH error.