[7.0][trunk] Reference field and module dependency

Bug #1260372 reported by Yann Papouin on 2013-12-12
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OpenUpgrade Server

Bug Description

I'm stuck on something really hard.
I experienced this bug while upgrading from 6.1 to 7.0 and the error occurred when upgrading "crm.lead" partners.
A call write is done via model.write(cr, SUPERUSER_ID, row[0], {partner_field: row[1]}).

Since the "crm.lead" model own some stored fields ('day_open, 'day_close', 'state'), their values are computed on write and I don't know why, but all fields are "get" in _store_set_values.

The problem here is that two references fields exists in the "crm.lead" module:
- 'ref': fields.reference('Reference', selection=crm._links_get, size=128),
- 'ref2': fields.reference('Reference 2', selection=crm._links_get, size=128),

A reference field can be a "sale.order" and that's the problem since "sale.order" is not loaded when upgrading the crm module (and sale is not a dependency of crm), so the obj return by pool.get is None in __getitem__ [orm.py:468]:

elif field_column._type == 'reference':
    if result_line[field_name]:
        if isinstance(result_line[field_name], browse_record):
            new_data[field_name] = result_line[field_name]
            ref_obj, ref_id = result_line[field_name].split(',')
            ref_id = long(ref_id)
            if ref_id:
                obj = self._table.pool.get(ref_obj)
                new_data[field_name] = browse_record(...)
                new_data[field_name] = browse_null()
        new_data[field_name] = browse_null()

It will produced this error:

  File "/openerp/osv/orm.py", line 340, in __init__
    self._table_name = self._table._name
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_name'

description: updated
Yann Papouin (yann-papouin) wrote :

Not so hard in fact, I just added a new condition on obj and the upgrade worked fine. I'm reporting this as a bug for OpenERP server as it could occurred in other situations

  if obj:
      new_data[field_name] = browse_record(...)
      new_data[field_name] = browse_null()

summary: - Reference field and module dependency
+ [7.0][trunk] Reference field and module dependency
Yann Papouin (yann-papouin) wrote :

OpenUpgrade is built upon ocb-server or openobject-server to know if a merge proposal into ocb-server is needed since a fix for official 7.0 is highly unlikely ?

OpenUpgrade is built upon official branches.

Good to hear you already solved it. You might have tried to add the following stanza to the openupgrade-server config file:

forced_deps = {'crm': ['sale']}

This should force sale to be loaded before crm is.

BTW maybe a patch on OpenUpgrade-server is sufficient? Please explicitely mention OpenUpgrade and the problem that it solves in a comment above the change, because we have to port these changes with every new major release.

no longer affects: openupgrade-addons
no longer affects: openobject-server
Rolf Wojtech (rolf-wojtech) wrote :

Could you elaborate why this bug should not affect openupgrade-addons and/or openobject-server?

I am using the latest version for a migration and ran into this issue. How was this fixed?

Rolf Wojtech (rolf-wojtech) wrote :

Never mind, i misread the last status update.
Anyways I am currently facing this issue and could test potential fixes.

Did you try the suggested (untested) workaround?

Rolf Wojtech (rolf-wojtech) wrote :

I am not sure if you are refering to the workaround #1 by Yann Papouin (yann-papouin) or #3 by Stefan Rijnhart?

What worked for me was a combination of #3 (adding the following to openerp-server.conf):
 forced_deps = {'crm': ['sale']}

and adding sale as a dependency to crm in __openerp__.py as seen in the attached patch.

I had tried forced_deps only first and it did not work. Later I tried it with the patch but without forced_deps and it seems to work as well.

I will check it out once I have cleared a few other roadblock but I wanted to leave this comment nonetheless in case I forget about it again ;)

Rolf Wojtech (rolf-wojtech) wrote :

Forgot the attachment to my previous post.

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