A couple of django-js.po files are missing from Horizon tree

Bug #1690233 reported by Rob Cresswell
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Bug Description

The following files:


are missing from the Horizon source. They both exist in Zanata.

This is caused by https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack-infra/project-config/tree/jenkins/scripts/common_translation_update.sh#n662

This is a bug, because a project is made up of multiple .po files, not one. In the current code, a project could have >40% translated, which might be 50% on translation files from Python, and 30% on JS files (i.e. 'django.po' and 'djangojs.po'. This means the script would only download the 50% python file, which would actually reduce the overall translated strings that are pulled to the project.

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Ian Y. Choi (ianychoi) wrote :

Example: Horizon has 4 po files per language - due to python and js files creating django and djangojs.po

It looks so awkward some po files exist but other po files does not exist for several po files for one language in horizon repository.

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Ian Y. Choi (ianychoi) wrote :

It really makes sense when we consider po files from Horizon source codes: e.g., django.po and djangojs.po, but it is difficult to generalize to apply all po files including po files for Horizon release notes and documentation, and also in openstack-manuals different documents use different po files.

It would be nice if we have better approaches on defining the relationship from multiple po files but since there are Horizon and Horizon plugin projects, it seems that such definition would be a challenge.

To Horizon developers, would it be fine if po files are managed AS-IS status? If then, I would like change it into "Won't fix" status.

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Rob Cresswell (robcresswell) wrote :

I think a better solution would just be to download all available .po files. The problem is here, as outlined above, that Polish language for example is actually now below 40% because the JS .po files are not being pulled in at all, so the total % is falling.

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Akihiro Motoki (amotoki) wrote :

Per discussion in the i18n team, we list languages with 80~90% progress to horizon settings.LANGUAGES list.

Currently, django and djangojs of openstack_dashboard contains enough number of messages. To clear the above criteria, both needs to have a progress of >=75%. If one of django/djangojs catalogs is missing in the horizon repo, it means the progress is <40%. As a result, the total progress will be <60% ((75%+40%)/2 = 57.5%).

The current version of the infra script import translations based on per-catalog progress. If we expect 70% or above translation progress, the current behavior would be no problem. If we want to show translations with less progress (like 50% as mentioned in the bug description), the current behavior may need to be changed.

I am not sure which is the right direction. Personally I am okay with the current behavior, but I am not against it if someone proposes more feasible solution.

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Akihiro Motoki (amotoki) wrote :

If you are talking about the translation check-site, the situation would be different. The site is to check translations, so the criteria of translation imports needs to be lower.

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Rob Cresswell (robcresswell) wrote :

So, that's my point really; I think Horizon should include *all* .po files regardless of %. Then let deployers manage what are shown. We can have 70% as our default languages, but we should still download all translations in the .po files.

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Rob Cresswell (robcresswell) wrote :

Did we get a resolution on this? I would really like to see us use all available translations. IMO, its more useful to see even 25% translated than zero. It seems like a waste of translator efforts if we don't include them.

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Rob Cresswell (robcresswell) wrote :

It would also fix the bug with some being forced lower because of low % JS translations

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