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Ying Chun Guo (daisy-ycguo) wrote :

Below are the steps we previously used.
We can follow the same steps.
I think the statistic data will not be affected in step 1 to 5.
But, if we delete master-old, the contribution data in master-old will be removed.
So my suggestion is to do the same steps, and keep master-old version (mark it as readonly)
till 6 month or 12 month later when the contribution data is not that important.

> 1. Create Russian translation files with only the correct header and the
> pluralities translation items.
> 2. Create a new version named as russian-fix
> 3. Upload the source files and the Russian translation files created in #1
> to the version russian-fix
> 4. Merge the stable version with version russian-fix
> 5. Rename stable version to stable-old, and rename russian-fix to stable.