Comment 0 for bug 1673425

Olena Logvinova (ologvinova) wrote :

*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Use the following instructions to set up openstack-doc-tools:
2. Generate an updated config file for **Cinder** using openstack-doc-tools. See output:
3. Verify the version python-cinderclient that this file was generated for: (line 26) -
   version **2.0.0**.
4. Verify that the `manageable-list` command is deleted (line 194).
5. Verify the file of python-cinderclient for v2:

**Actual result:**

The `manageable-list` command is present in the file of python-cinderclient for v2 although it was deleted by the openstack-doc-tools while generating new content.

**Expected result:**

The openstack-doc-tools generates updated content for the corresponding version of the python-clients correctly.