some stats not available thru libvirt

Bug #1723468 reported by Gurol Akman on 2017-10-13
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Bug Description

In using the latest Ocata release under Ubuntu 17.04, I'm getting the following ceilometer errors on the compute nodes.


2017-10-12 22:44:58.216 31512 DEBUG ceilometer.compute.virt.libvirt.utils [-]
Connecting to libvirt: qemu:///system get_libvirt_connection /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/compute/virt/libvirt/

2017-10-12 22:44:58.244 31512 DEBUG oslo_messaging._drivers.amqpdriver [-]
CAST unique_id: f48c30e0215846b39314024f58f3f49f NOTIFY exchange 'ceilometer' topic 'notifications.sample' _send /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo_messaging/_drivers/

2017-10-12 22:44:58.252 31512 WARNING ceilometer.compute.pollsters.memory [-]
Cannot inspect data of MemoryBandwidthTotalPollster for 32e0885f-a27c-4147-9a0d-317f89b19dc4, non-fatal reason: Perf is not supported by current version of libvirt, and failed to inspect memory bandwidth of 32e0885f-a27c-4147-9a0d-317f89b19dc4, can not get info from libvirt: 'perf.mbmt'

2017-10-12 22:44:58.253 31512 ERROR ceilometer.agent.manager [-]
Prevent pollster from polling [<NovaLikeServer: ca-3dhlu-kul7qu6cj25u-sample_as_coe_vnfc-psuy2vdhdnub>, <NovaLikeServer: sample-db-oam1>] on source all_pollsters anymore!

2017-10-12 22:44:58.254 31512 DEBUG ceilometer.compute.pollsters.disk [-]
LibvirtInspector does not provide data for ReadBytesRatePollster get_samples /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/compute/pollsters/

2017-10-12 22:44:58.255 31512 ERROR ceilometer.agent.manager [-]
Prevent pollster from polling [<NovaLikeServer: ca-3dhlu-kul7qu6cj25u-sample_as_coe_vnfc-psuy2vdhdnub>, <NovaLikeServer: sample-db-oam1>] on source all_pollsters anymore!


2017-10-12 22:44:58.428 31512 DEBUG ceilometer.compute.pollsters.cpu [-]
Obtaining CPU Util is not implemented for LibvirtInspector get_samples /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/compute/pollsters/

2017-10-12 22:44:58.429 31512 ERROR ceilometer.agent.manager [-]
Prevent pollster cpu_util from polling [<NovaLikeServer: ca-3dhlu-kul7qu6cj25u-sample_as_coe_vnfc-psuy2vdhdnub>, <NovaLikeServer: sample-db-oam1>] on source all_pollsters anymore!


When I check the libvirt-* software in use, I get:

# apt list | grep libvirt
gir1.2-libvirt-glib-1.0/zesty 1.0.0-1 amd64
gir1.2-libvirt-sandbox-1.0/zesty 0.5.1+git20151113-3 amd64
libnss-libvirt/zesty-updates 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64
libvirt-bin/zesty-updates,now 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libvirt-clients/zesty-updates,now 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libvirt-daemon/zesty-updates,now 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libvirt-daemon-system/zesty-updates,now 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libvirt-dev/zesty-updates 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64
libvirt-doc/zesty-updates,zesty-updates 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 all
libvirt-glib-1.0-0/zesty 1.0.0-1 amd64
libvirt-glib-1.0-dev/zesty 1.0.0-1 amd64
libvirt-ocaml/zesty amd64
libvirt-ocaml-dev/zesty amd64
libvirt-sandbox-1.0-5/zesty 0.5.1+git20151113-3 amd64
libvirt-sandbox-1.0-dev/zesty 0.5.1+git20151113-3 amd64
libvirt-sanlock/zesty-updates 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64
libvirt0/zesty-updates,now 2.5.0-3ubuntu5.5 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libvirtodbc0/zesty 6.1.6+repack-0ubuntu7 amd64
libvirtuoso5.5-cil/zesty 6.1.6+repack-0ubuntu7 amd64
munin-libvirt-plugins/zesty,zesty 0.0.6-1 all
nbdkit-plugin-libvirt/zesty 1.1.12-1build2 amd64
nova-compute-libvirt/zesty-updates,zesty-updates,now 2:15.0.7-0ubuntu1 all [installed,automatic]
php-libvirt-php/zesty 0.5.2~30-g64dca6f-3 amd64
python-libvirt/zesty,now 3.0.0-2 amd64 [installed,automatic]
python3-libvirt/zesty 3.0.0-2 amd64
ruby-fog-libvirt/zesty,zesty 0.3.0-1 all
ruby-libvirt/zesty 0.7.0-1 amd64
uvtool-libvirt/zesty,zesty 0~bzr99-0ubuntu2 all
vagrant-libvirt/zesty,zesty 0.0.37-1 all

What could be the reason for the ERRORs and more importantly what can I do to eliminate them. I'm especially in need of obtaining and dispatching the cpu_util stats to the controller so that some actions (e.g., auto-scalability) can be taken on it.

I'll be happy to supply any *.conf data if that'll be of help. Thank you in advance for any help,

Gurol Akman (gurolakman) wrote :

if that rather sounds like a question as opposed to bug report, can you please advice the forum where i should be posting this question. i did quite a bit of online research to identify the root cause of it but was unable to find any useful links. so, i thought i'll file it as a bug report. pls forgive me if i'm in the wrong place. regards.

Stefano Maffulli (smaffulli) wrote :

This is the wrong project in any case. Check for where to ask questions or report bugs

Changed in openstack-community:
status: New → Invalid
Gurol Akman (gurolakman) wrote :

thanks a lot for the pointer and sorry for my mistake :(

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