Comment 4 for bug 1314713

Kevin L. Mitchell (klmitch) wrote :

A follow-up email to the gerrit mailing list thread mentioned different behavior when using the "new view". I tried out the new view on the problematic patches that originally sparked this bug report, and I can confirm that using the new view does allow me to review the change. That said, I don't really like the new view, so I'm only planning on switching to it when I have to in order to review a patch.

The thread poster also made an off-hand reference to a "huge file" constant, which the poster believes is set to 9,000 lines. Given that is 7,000 lines and is having problems, we might want to consider making a local change to that constant—maybe 5,000 lines? Or was this, perhaps, set to a specific value in the previous gerrit configuration that was not copied in when we updated gerrit?