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Bug #1839535: debian9 container image is missing apt-listchanges package, but has the apt.conf.d/20listchanges config file, causing failure. Undecided New 9 weeks

From: Allan Bailey
Link: bug1839535.patch


Bug #1795788: Horizon configuration to support domains dropdown Undecided In Progress 54 weeks

From: Max Kochubey
Link: horizon-domains-dropdown.patch


Bug #1720535: lxd.filters out of date Medium Confirmed 106 weeks

From: j^
Link: update_lxd.filters.patch


Bug #1639940: Snapshots of instances launched from images fails with Ceph as storage. Medium Incomplete 153 weeks

From: bgodette
Link: glance-api.conf.j2.patch


Bug #1632383: The current Horizon settings indicate no valid image creation methods are available Undecided Confirmed 155 weeks

From: bgodette

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