debian9 container setup during setup-infrastructure.yml run failes in retries

Bug #1840089 reported by Allan Bailey on 2019-08-13
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Bug Description

Attached is the python2 stack trace formatted for readability.

note this was after 5 retries.

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :
Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

I failed to note this is for stable/stein.

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

I don't think this is actually a urllib3 issue, but I could be wrong. still digging.

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

Whatever the service that is hosting, w/in openstack, python packages seems to be the issue,
if I understand the log messages.

I'll dig into that next and try to find a log.

However, it might be an ansible bug claiming that it's skipping that repo. weird.

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

Related to the above, I do not see that IP address on any of the containers.

root@controller01:/home/vagrant# lxc-ls -f
controller01_cinder_api_container-09e4ce49 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack,, -
controller01_galera_container-e5c5232f RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_glance_container-7f6cee5a RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack,, -
controller01_horizon_container-04f85a78 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_keystone_container-1a0f95a3 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_memcached_container-655cc3ef RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_neutron_server_container-f93b2481 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_nova_api_container-69ed090d RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_rabbit_mq_container-00dff524 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_repo_container-2b89260d RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -
controller01_utility_container-668388c3 RUNNING 1 onboot, openstack, -

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

gah. n/m. it was the haproxy server on the controller node.

Allan Bailey (zirpu) wrote :

Ok. I thought that a missing / at the end of the repo url was the problem,
but it still tries to skip. will check ansible next.

Skipping link (from -f); unsupported archive format: .9-x86_64

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