Comment 19 for bug 729359

Gregory Weber (spottedmetal) wrote :

Aha, now I know what that "Export XML" command is for!

Here are my thoughts on giving up openshot-render in favor of melt:

1. Giving up openshot-render right now is like giving up nothing, since it does not work.

2. The export XML command offers to save in my "Desktop" folder, which requires me to take extra steps to select the right location.

3. melt's documentation ( is obscure, compared to the output of `openshot-render --help`, but I was able to figure out an example that works for what I want to do:

    $ melt -consumer avformat:OUTPUTFILE.webm frequency=24000 channels=1 threads=2 PROJECTFILE.mlt

(avformat selects avconv (or ffmpeg), frequency and channels are for the audio, and threads enables it to run on two processors; container format and video codec are implied by the output file extension, I think.)

4. It would be helpful to have a command-line tool to export an OpenShot project as Melt XML, and use it in a script which then runs melt to do the video rendering.

In fact, I would like to suggest, if you decide to dump openshot-render, replace it with two command-line tools: one to export an OpenShot project to Melt XML, and one to run melt to do the rendering but with the same command-line options as openshot-render (because they are relatively easy to figure out, from --help and from inspecting what you do in the OpenShot render dialog).