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Samuel Mimram (smimram) wrote :

To my opinion, image satbilization is a really must-have feature when editing videos filmed with a non-professional camera (which I guess is the case for most openshot users). Right now, the videostab2 filter in mlt does a great job, so it would be really nice to have it integrated directly in openshot soon, and not to wait for the openshot library to come out. In order to get a stabilized video named video.mp4, I manually do

melt -verbose -progress -profile hdv_720_30p video.mp4 -filter videostab2 -consumer "xml:video-vstab.mlt" all=1 real_time=-2

and then

melt -verbose -progress video-vstab.mlt -consumer "avformat:video-vstab.mp4" properties=mp4 vcodec=libx264 real_time=-2 threads=3

Notice that the filter is two-pass, which means that it is not immediate to add it as a plugin for openshot: the first pass generates and mlt file with the filter's parameters (and the computed motion vectors in particular). What should be reasonably easy to do would be to have the first pass computed (with a progress dialog) when the plugin is used, and then use the resulting filter.