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Olivier Girard (eolinwen) wrote :

The transcode filter is great but unfortunately, even if Transcode is the best for MPeg2/Mpeg4/Xvid, Avi files, he doesn't give us t he ability to work with "modern" files like AVCHD and WebM. A conversion is needed and decrease the quality. It is possible but need a lot of knowledges and provide none easy ways for the common user. And at first look, we have no hope to have this features included in a future version, the project need a leader same if the last version (1.1.7) is out in November. Damage. this tool provide good files in quality. :-(
We have yet two possibility one being a portage of this filter with FFmpeg and the other use Blender for this task, it seems able to release this task. A user said us this information on our forum. It is a track to dig.