Applying "Effects" to a "Group" of clips

Bug #523884 reported by renderguy on 2010-02-18
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Adding an effect to a clip is beautifully simple (drag-and-drop), but not adding an effect to multiple clips in one hit.

This is even more problematic when you alter the default values of an effect (e.g. clip 1) then want to apply that change over a series of other clips.

Some form of "Group" option would solve this issue, where "Effects" (even "Transitions") could be applied to the "Group" entity rather than the individual clips... while still allowing each clip to retain it's own effects/transitions.

Many thanks in advance.

Andy Finch (fincha) on 2010-02-18
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Andreas K (andreas-kagedal) wrote :

Perhaps tracks can be used as groups? Often it might be good enoug to be able to apply an effect to a track(?).

It should also be possibel to apply effects to the complete film, after the tracks have been combined.

Thus, an expanded proposal is that

It should be possible to associate a set of effects to

1. a clip (allready working)
2. a group of clips (on the same track? but before applying any transitions?)
3. all clips on a track
4. the resulting film after mixing the tracks (i.e also after the transitions between clips)

I guess these could be implemented separatelly. Or just 2 or 3 perhaps.

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Jonathan Thomas (jonoomph) wrote :

Here is what I would like to propose:

Case 1
1) User drops a filter on a track (I'm thinking just the left part of the track, near the name)
2) OpenShot will then apply that filter to all Clips on the track

Case 2
1) User right clicks on a track
2) The context menu shows an option to "Remove all filters"
     - This would allow a user to quickly remove all filters, if they change their mind

Andreas K (andreas-kagedal) wrote :

This would certainly be an improvement and would be the feasible solution short term. However, the problem of changing the settings of the filter still remains. You would still have to do this for each clip on the track.

In the longer term I think it would be good to be able to associate a filter directly with a track. The effect of the filter would be applied to all clips on the track, but there would only be one set of settings, and it would be reachable from a context menu for the "left part of the track, near the name". (and these "track-filters" would be applied after the clip-filters). This is my proposal 3 above.

renderguy (latkinson) wrote :

Jonathan Thomas: Though not quite as powerful as my original request, assigning filters to tracks would definitely be a positive step forward. I presume, from your example scenarios, you can still apply filters to individual clips on a track... even if the given track has a filter assigned to it?

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Nathan Broadbent (nathan-f77) wrote :

This is really, really, really important for me. I've just had to add the rotate filter to about 100 clips manually. It was frustrating.

Nathan Broadbent (nathan-f77) wrote :

An alternative solution to my problem would have been if the 'razor' tool copied the effects into both clips after they were split. At the moment, only the clip on the left of the cut contains the effects.

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Hans Petter Birkeland (hanspb) wrote :

The suggestion of the original poster is very handy for several purposes, not only for applying effects. Also to group together clips for moving multiple clips, and for maintaining audio sync if one has duplicated a clip in order to use audio from one and video from the other.

feelart (feelsubscription) wrote :

I consider this a critical missing features.

Indeed, when working with images to make a film, suppose you've got 60 images and want to change the duration of each image to 1.3 sec and on a group of 20 images you want to apply an effect; well going indivually gets you mad.

I see that this feature is reported from release to release for the last 2 years, I regret it, but you've got your priorities, but can finally be in 1.5.0.

brpaolo (brpaolo) wrote :

I agree it would be really useful. Example: Just chopped up an interview into 5 clips and put them together. All of them need a little more brightness - and not the change which corresponds to the default change either. The ability to do that on all clips at once instead of 5 times over would be great.

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