Mouse cursor gets stuck in "drag and drop" mode

Bug #402892 reported by nxThron on 2009-07-22
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OpenShot Video Editor
X.Org X server
chromium-browser (Ubuntu)
firefox (Ubuntu)
rapidsvn (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: rapidsvn

When clicking on the Bookmark root or on one of the bookmarks below the mouse cursor gets stuck in "drag n drop" mode, blocking all keyboard entry and also mouse clicks for the the whole GUI (systemwide).

Unfortunately I cannot provide any debug or other information, as I have to reboot everytime.

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 with compiz enabled.

Many thanks in advance for your help with this problem,

takaji (takaji) wrote :

You don't have to restart your computer. You can switch from graphical tty to a console tty, login then kill the process of rapidsvn then switch back to graphical tty.
To switch between tty, you can use Ctrl + Alt + Fx (x = 1, 2, 3, ...). Usually, graphical tty is Ctrl + Alt + F7 :)
You can try this command to kill rapidsvn process

kill -9 `pidof rapidsvn`

Stefan Müller (smu-blackbox) wrote :

As far as I can say this bug is not dependent on RapidSVN but must a general GNOME Problem. I had this behaviour often when using Epiphany and get it now when I am using my Wacom tablet. Once an drag&drop operation is triggered by accident, the cursor is stuck in the drop mode: i.e. it shows the little arrow beside an icon. The system will not respond to ESC or the like. If you are lucky, you can type into some textfield which provides some popup text (like the epiphany adress bar). If the popup of this textfield shows up, the cursor is reset.

The suggested solution given above does not work in Lucid Lynx since changing to another terminal using Alt+Ctrl+NR does not work quite well. Often it is impossible to change back to terminal 7. You will only see the X Log.

Jeroen Lodder (lodderj) wrote :

I've this problem too... I was not dragging any file on purpose, of that I'm sure. But it happened.

I tried a lot, I can get kind of "Execute" windows from Gnome, but I can't type there, grr.

Anyways, I have a VMware Virtual Machine in Sleep with this bug "active"...
Any one interested?

Jeroen Lodder (lodderj) wrote :

*You can fix it by pressing the power button, en use arrows to go to "Hibernate", go down, boot up, done.

another_sam (anothersam) wrote :

This bug is affecting me right now. Is quite annoying since it apparently implies to restart the session. This is the second time today. Third or fourth during the last 5 days if I don't recall wrongly.

another_sam (anothersam) wrote :

I saw this
In my case the touchpad is the id=13. Next time I will try
xinput set-prop 13 "Device Enabled" 0
xinput set-prop 13 "Device Enabled" 1
to see if it works.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in rapidsvn (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Emerica (blendz) wrote :

Oneiric - Linux 3.0.0-23-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 19 19:19:11 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Had this problem using connected to SFTP server in nautilus, accidently made a drag operation and it stuck.
I don't and haven't used rapidsvn, but I did have gedit running and trying to open a rather large file.
I changed to tty1 and killed gedit, switched back and the drag operation stopped, able to click again without killing the session.

Igor Zinovyev (zinigor) wrote :

Is there maybe a newer version of this bug? I have had a similar episode on my machine running 64-bit Precise on Linux 3.2.0-32-generic kernel.

I had been dragging and dropping files from Nautilus to Totem when this had happened.

Mike Gilbert (mjgilbert) wrote :

I just experienced the same exact thing as Igor running 64-bit Precise Ubuntu 12.04.2 3.2.0-39-generic. I was repeatedly dragging files to Totem from Nautilus as well.

breezer (jgbreezer) wrote :

I'm also seeing it semi-regularly in 12.10 when dropping files from nautilus (think its nautilus, gnome 3 desktop anyway) to Totem. I killed totem from the terminal and the pointer stayed like that and I couldn't click on anything else, xkill couldn't even grab the cursor to kill the file/directory-browser window.

So perhaps its not totem but the dir. browser (assuming its Nautilus on mine). Or part of the internal drag/drop mechanism in X or other clipboard handling app that dies or locks up.

breezer (jgbreezer) wrote :

Yep, "pkill nautilus" from a text terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+F1 together to get a terminal or use an existing one on your desktop if you can via Alt+Tab/guake/other, once you have one logged in, type the pkill command mentioned earlier, then use Ctrl+D or type "logout"(enter) to log out of terminal; then press Ctrl+Alt+F7 together on this ubuntu version to switch back to the graphical mode) fixed it.

Avi Marcus (avi-amarcus) wrote :

I'm on 14.04 with gnome, and "pkill nautilus" in a terminal worked for me. Thanks!

Chaoscode (dennis-restle) wrote :

i tried to drag'n'Dropp a Directory from a ZipFile to my Downloads Directory.
i had to kill file-roller to get my cursor back.
After that, the same Drag'n'Drop function worked

Ragnar Kurm (2-ragnar) wrote :

Got stuck into dnd -- Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS -- pkill nautilus -- worked for me.

Ekevoo (ekevoo) wrote :

Dragging files from the desktop while my chrome browser had WhatsApp Web open. Worked several times until I got this bug. "killall nautilus" got my mouse back.

Saji Nediyanchath (saji89) wrote :

This is what worked for me:

sudo gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false

If that doesn't work, please try this too:

sudo gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active true


Dirk Mcbratney (djmcbratney) wrote :

Dragging from and to the desktop is doing this to me recurringly on both my laptop and desktop. I've seen something like this happen before, but it's getting absurd. This is an extremely embarrassing bug and should be considered critical.

Stephane Poinsart (s-poinsart) wrote :

Same problem with firefox 41 (trusty / LXDE), when accidentally drag & dropping a selected text. Was able to work around without a reboot by using the address bar (CTRL+L) for this time. But when it happen, it's extremely annoying because even if i could go to a terminal, i was not sure exactly what to kill... Highly detrimental to the user experience.

Albert Zeyer (albertzeyer) wrote :

I have the same (or very similar) problem. I'm on KDE. It happened somehow by clicking on the application window bar from KDE and it wanted to drag&drop some window tab. For me, all keyboard input still works, and I can move the mouse, but the mouse stays in the drag-state and it ignores all clicks.

trevi (ermin-trevisan) wrote :

Please forget my erranous comment #21

spoolboyy (spoolboyy) wrote :

I'm seeing this same problem on xubuntu 14.04. It seems to happen in various applications including Firefox, Terminal Emulator and Pycharm Community Edition 2016.1.

I am unable to type anything and clicking the mouses buttons (right, left or center) seems to do nothing.

Since I'm seeing this issue on a notebook computer, I can confirm that it occurs with both a wired USB mouse when using the touchpad. When it happens with the mouse, if I unplug it and plug it back in it functions as expected again.

spoolboyy (spoolboyy) wrote :

To further clarify my remark in #23, when this happens when I am using a USB mouse, if I right-click using the touchpad, all is back to normal. It does not matter if I unplug the USB mouse or not.

I was assuming that unplugging the external mouse was making it work again, but that is not the case. It seems that using my touchpad mouse instead seems to shock the system back into working properly.

I am facing this issue in 14.04 and also in 16.04.

Thanks to breezer(jgbreezer)'s comment. Whenever I face this issue, I am running this command to fix it.

"pkill nautilus"


sanette (sanette-linux) wrote :

on linux mint kde 17.3 freshly installed I have the same problem with the Firefox file dialog:
as soon as I click on a file, it behaves as in the drag-and-drop mode.
I need to drag it back to its original place and click again to stop this.
Of course this is very annoying. No clue how to solve this ?

sanette (sanette-linux) wrote :

Ah, at least for KDE I found a way to solve it.
In systemconfigs => applications appearance => GTK,
change the GTK3 theme from oxygen-gtk (my default settings) to something else. For instance, Mint-X-blue seems to work.

Francis Chin (chinf) wrote :

Just got this when dragging a file from file-roller to a nautilus window on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. Nautilus would scroll its window up and down in response to the vertical position of the mouse pointer, but no button events appeared to take effect in any application. Had to Alt-F2 and pkill file-roller to get control back.

It's unlikely to be a fault in a specific application, more likely a flaw in the desktop inter-process signalling system, for which there are several bugs open. It's difficult to pin down though as it seems hard to produce a useful test case for this intermittent problem - I'm a regular Ubuntu user and this occurs very rarely (in my experience so far).

Lucas Silva (lcss) wrote :

Same problem when dragging a file on Arch Linux using the latest version (currently 3.22.3-1). It happens a lot and is very annoying.

yolen (plasmajens) wrote :

On ubuntu 17.04 my mouse pointer constantly get stuck in various modes (write, drag-and-drop etc). Only way to get the operational again is to close all applications or sometimes restarting the system

Paul Müller (8-mail-g) wrote :

I have the same problem in Ubuntu 16.04.3, but only for certain applications (jabref and texmaker so far).

The comment by @spoolboyy helped: I was using a USB mouse and clicking with the touchpad stopped the drag-and-drop mode.

I am using a Thinkpad X1 Carbon laptop.

Paul Müller (8-mail-g) wrote :

Turns out disabling the touch screen with ``xinput --disable 12`` ("ELAN Touchscreen" listed as "id=12" in ``xinput``) solved the problem for me. In my case, this is either a malfunction of the touch screen or a system software problem.

Disabling the touch screen (as recommended by @Paul Müller) solved the problem in my notebook as well (Dell Vostro 5480 - Ubuntu 16.04.3).

Roland (roland-breedveld) wrote :

same problem with Ubuntu 17.10 with gnome3

Same problem on Lubuntu 14.04
Touchscreen: (MasterTouch MT-500 USB), supports only single touch.
Mouse not connected.

problem appears in next apps:
- Chromium: 62.0.3202.75
- Firefox 28.0

Sometimes MouseUp just not firing:

then i close Chromium / Firefox with ALT+F4

but mouse still stuck in "MouseDown" state _systemwide_ :

Even if I connect the mouse to the computer after the problem occurs - the left mouse button will not work.

But mtpaint works fine! There is some difference in how mtpaint and (chromium, firefox) works with mousedown / mouseup events.

Any ideas? I need use touchscreen and don't need mouse. So i can't disable the touchscreen as recommended, because this will make the whole system unusable.


Changed in chromium (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in firefox (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Steven Regester (egeste) wrote :

I disabled the touchscreen by adding `blacklist hid-multitouch` to `/etc/modprobe.d/hid_multitouch.conf`, rebooted, and within 15 minutes the bug was back.

It appears as though the super key gets "stuck".
 * I have super + e bound to open nautilus, and if I press e when my computer gets into this state, it does indeed open nautilus.
 * The behavior of the mouse when holding down `super` is consistent with the described behavior.

Please advise as soon as possible. This bug has rendered my linux installation unusable.

Steven Regester (egeste) wrote :

New information:

I've been using my ubuntu installation for several days since I posted my last comment, and had not encountered the bug until I used the `Super + FN + Up Arrow`/`Super + FN + Down Arrow` to change workspaces. As soon as I did that, the bug returned. Will attempt to re-create and report back again.

Steven Regester (egeste) wrote :

Update from previous comment:

I was able to get the gnome environment into this erroneous state by using the aforementioned `Super + FN + UP/DN` shortcut to move back and forth between my workspaces. At this point I think it's reasonable to call this bug reproducible.

Jeb E. (jebeld17) wrote :

The same happens for me, all the way on Ubuntu 17.10 x64. Issue happens moreso when multitasking between Openshot and Firefox.

spm2011 (spm2011) on 2018-07-11
affects: chromium (Ubuntu) → chromium-browser (Ubuntu)
kecsap (csaba-kertesz) wrote :

Similar to @Flavio Henrique Bastos, @Paul Müller, it happened on my Lenovo X1 Yoga, running the touchscreen with libinput driver (

Disabling/enabling the touch screen resolved the problem:

xinput --set-prop "Wacom Pen and multitouch sensor Finger" "Device Enabled" 0
xinput --set-prop "Wacom Pen and multitouch sensor Finger" "Device Enabled" 1

I've encountered this or a similar bug in Ubuntu 18.04 on a Dell XPS 13 with a touchscreen. I observed that the touchpad seemed to be stuck in mouse down mode, but only in KDE apps (specifically, Kate and Quassel). I found this bug report, saw that the bug may be touchscreen-related, and tried touching the touchscreen to see if that would unstick the touchpad -- but this made my cursor disappear completely, and I had to reboot. Next time this happens I will try disabling and re-enabling the touchscreen to confirm whether this fixes the problem (but given that I never use the touchscreen I should probably just disable it permanently).

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