Comment 7 for bug 1198555

MorrisseyJ (morrissey-james1) wrote :

I agree that this is a major bug. Notably it also seems that it is triggered by clicking the lengh tab in the clip properties dialogue. In addtion to the problems pointed out by vinislentoje, if you are changing the length of the clips (which you now apparently have to do if you change the speeds) the info contained in 'position in timelinel' also goes wrong. At that point you have no information about the lengh of your clip.

To create the problem.

1. Add a clip.
2. Split that clip in half
3. Right click on the second clip (generated by splitting the first clip in two) and open 'clip properties'
4. Under the 'general tab' you should see the 'position in timeline' statistic
5. Click play on the preview, and clip will play as expected.
6. Click 'length tab' - here you will see the problem, described by bitbjorn above, that the In time is 0.00 or -0.01 (this is clearly wrong)
7. Now click play in the preview and the clip will run from the start of both clips (from 0.00).

- So it seems to be the length tab which is messing things up

Things get even more confusing if you start changing the lenght of your clips which you now have to do in order to change thier speed (post #2:, with differnt clips running at multiple differents speeds. In this case the information given in the lengh tabs and position in clip tabs both go wrong.