Comment 20 for bug 1198555

David Chappelle (chappedm) wrote :

There is one more part to patching this correctly that must be taken into account. When setting the speed to a fractional amount to slow the clip down (ie. 1/2, 1/3, etc), you will notice that the clip length is not properly adjusted on the timeline even after making the suggested changes above. To fix this I also had to modify the following around line 892:

        if speed_multiplier < original_speed:
            # clip is longer now (keep the short version)
- clip_object.end_time = clip_object.start_time + original_length
+ clip_object.end_time = new_end_time

Why would you want to "keep the short version"? We are changing the speed of the clip so setting the end_time back to what it originally was seems to be a bad idea. Regardless, with this modification, the automatic resizing of a clip due to slowing the speed down now works correctly.