Activity log for bug #961319

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2012-03-21 16:03:03 Lars Butler bug added bug
2012-03-21 16:05:55 Lars Butler summary SDAC - Export total damage distributions to NRML SDAC - Export total damage distributions from DB to NRML
2012-04-19 10:59:33 Andrea Cerisara openquake: status New In Progress
2012-04-19 10:59:35 Andrea Cerisara openquake: assignee Andrea Cerisara (andreacerisara-b)
2012-04-19 10:59:37 Andrea Cerisara openquake: importance Undecided High
2013-04-08 11:10:39 Lars Butler openquake: status In Progress Fix Released