Activity log for bug #961316

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2012-03-21 16:02:17 Lars Butler bug added bug
2012-03-21 16:04:51 Lars Butler summary SDAC - Export damage distributions per asset to NRML SDAC - Export damage distributions per asset from DB to NRML
2012-03-28 14:43:27 Lars Butler description DRAFT Bug # 922506 adds the damage distribution models to the database. Bug # 922508 adds the damage distribution models to the NRML spec. The purpose of this bug is to add functionality to export damage distributions (per asset) from the database to NRML XML. The functionality should be callable from the command line (using bin/openquake --export). It should also be hooked into the SDAC calculator's post_execute() function (though the exporter should only be called if openquake is run with the --output-type=xml option). There are two parts to this work package: 1) Write a NRML serializer to generate the dmg dist per asset NRML artifacts. 2) Write an export function which plugs into the existing oq-engine export framework to pull dmg dist per asset data from the database and pass them to the NRML serializer.
2012-03-28 14:44:03 Lars Butler openquake: assignee Andrea Cerisara (andreacerisara-b)
2012-03-28 14:44:10 Lars Butler openquake: importance Undecided Medium
2012-03-28 14:44:13 Lars Butler openquake: status New Confirmed
2012-03-28 14:44:16 Lars Butler openquake: milestone 0.6.1
2012-04-05 07:36:24 Andrea Cerisara openquake: status Confirmed In Progress
2012-04-19 10:58:56 Andrea Cerisara openquake: status In Progress Fix Committed
2013-04-08 10:38:10 Lars Butler openquake: status Fix Committed Fix Released