Comment 22 for bug 1151947

Goran Kliska (gkliska) wrote :

+1 for comment #21
"One address is nothing more than one address. Many2many with all other entities. One same address can be related to any other entity, so including address on partner, not having address separate entity is itself one bad basic db error..."

Partners and products are cornerstones of any business program.
While trying to implement universal model described here
programs usually becomes too complex to use.

Hierarchy in Partner entity is good for describing complex organizations. Nothing more.
Flag 'is_company' can be good enough to distinguish Persons and Organizations.
There is a need for Address as a separate entity and many2many relations.
Let it be generic address with a type and usage that can be easily extended.

Other m2m relations Partners2Partners with relation types can then be implemented as
series of addons adding complexity as nedded.

Moving Contacts form partner_address is improvement in 7.0.,
but "not having address separate entity " is not.

Goran Kliska