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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1253131: [6.1] Wrong results in search views when filtering by a datetime field if timezone is not UTC Undecided New 236 weeks

From: Jordi Llinares - KM Sistemas
Link: calendar.patch


Bug #717642: float widget wrong display 10 digits value Wishlist Confirmed 294 weeks

From: Yan-PCSol
Link: spinbutton.patch


Bug #1028807: No None values allowed using XML/RPC(S) Low Confirmed 305 weeks

From: Pieter J. Kersten (EduSense BV)
Link: none-patch.diff


Bug #887612: float_time widget incorrect rounding Low Confirmed 334 weeks

From: Lorenzo Battistini - Agile BG
Link: bug_887612_web.patch


Bug #903553: icon path wrong with submenu Low Fix Committed 337 weeks

From: Cristian Salamea
Link: client.patch


Bug #882036: Incorrect float rounding when setting float field with too high precision Medium Confirmed 340 weeks

From: Ferdinand
Link: base_test.yml.20111120.patch


Bug #849867: numeric column headers right adjustment Wishlist Confirmed 349 weeks

From: Hemendra Paregi (OpenERP)
Link: list_view_usability.patch


Bug #838432: [WISHLIST] Remove save button in binary widget Wishlist Confirmed 352 weeks

From: Moisés López -

widget binary add attr save_button

Bug #812219: saved predefined exports are not displayed Low Fix Committed 358 weeks

From: Vinay Rana (OpenERP)
Link: Export_List.ogv

Export List Issue

Bug #809689: GTK client does not remember size and position Wishlist Confirmed 359 weeks

From: jordg
Link: window_size.patch


Bug #805246: [6.0.2] CSV import auto-detect does not support ":id" headers at client-side Low Incomplete 360 weeks

From: Olivier Dony (Odoo)
Link: bug_805246_web_6.0.patch

quick and dirty patch for web

Bug #794398: buttons don't work in tree view with field_parent Wishlist Confirmed 363 weeks

From: Vinay Rana (OpenERP)
Link: Stock_Move_List_View.png

Stock Move List View.

Bug #768962: [6.0] invalid date_stop in calendar view Medium Incomplete 370 weeks

From: Vinay Rana (OpenERP)
Link: Invoice_calander_view.png

Invoice Calendar View

Bug #761591: o2m duplicate row button Wishlist Confirmed 371 weeks

From: Willem Bouma
Link: o2m_save_and_copy.patch

Adds a 'Save & copy' button to the o2m form widget

Bug #705607: Add Gentoo dependency instructions Wishlist Confirmed 383 weeks

From: Nick White
Link: gentooinstall.patch


Bug #683773: [6.0] minimum widget width - progressbar Wishlist Confirmed 386 weeks

From: Ferdinand

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