Comment 5 for bug 518949

Bruno Hostalery (istf) wrote :

Never mind, it's always another way of working that mine.

When i make an inventory, i always have (5 industrial groups) the quantity by location and never the summary, because when we sold the inventory, we always give all the quantity by location.

In your modified example, if location X has parent Y and Y has 10 quantity.location X has 10 qty,so Y will have 20.
What have i to indicate when i make the inventory :
10 in X and 10 in Y (the physical values), 10 in X and 20 in Y (cumulative values to made no stock modification).

And if you think that in fact i have near 2000 locations, organize by batiment / line / level, calcul of cumulative location will be very hard.

The last three windows are when you uncheck recursive. If i have to do it with all my location just to have right value ... no i can't imagine.
The last screen is with my modification and i have cumulative stock from the location i choose.

As i write before, it's just because i never make inventory like you.
It's not a problem, i will modify source.