How the 'exchange rate' field should be used?

Bug #930222 reported by Lorenzo Battistini - Agile BG on 2012-02-10

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Bug Description

openobject-server/trunk revno 4039
openobject-addons/trunk revno 6546


 - Create new journal 'Bank USD' with currency = USD
 - Create new invoice with currency = USD and one line with 'unit price' = 100
 - Create payment voucher without changing the defaults: 'paid amount' = 100 and allocation = '100'
 - Set 'exchange rate' to 0.75 EUR and validate the voucher

Reading the field's help
"The specific rate that will be used, in this voucher, between the selected currency (in 'Payment Rate Currency' field) and the voucher currency"
the selected currency is EUR and the voucher currency is USD, but the generated journal items have wrong amounts (see attachment).
As I set 1 USD = 0.75 EUR, the bank journal item should contain debit = 75

description: updated
description: updated
Amit Parik (amit-parik) wrote :

Hello Lorenzo,

I have tested your same scenario with trunk revno 6549(addons) at my end but all are working fine.

I have attached a video for your more reference, So would you please check it and notify us where is the problem or may I missed something!

Thank you and waiting for your reply!

Amit Parik (amit-parik) wrote :
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So, where is the 0.75 used?

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Andreea Andres (aandres) wrote :


In Open ERP the exchange rate is defined as a report between company currency and foreign currency.
If :
-->your Company currency is EUR and foreign currency is USD
---> and 1 USD = 0.75 EUR, result 1 EUR = 1/ 0,75 = 1.33 USD , so the exchange rate is 1.33.

If you have 100 USD, the system will calculate the amount in company currency using the formula :
 Amount in Foreign Currency / Exchange Rate = Amount in Company currency

So 100 USD / 1.33 = 75, 18 EUR

Good luck!


Andreea Andres (aandres) wrote :

For example.... the journal entries for customer invoice :

As written in bug description, I'm talking about the 'exchange rate' field of voucher object.
Moreover, if you see my attachment, 58.44 is neither 100 × 0.75 nor 100 ÷ 1.2834 (the USD rate loaded by default)

Just want to add that, in my example, 58.44 is 77.92 × 0.75 indeed,
where 77.92 is the EUR customer credit (100 ÷ 1.2834).
This doesn't make sense to me.

Claire (cjin) wrote :

Hi, Amit

May I ask how you have the currency option with view of customer payment?



Maybe someone who developed it could explain how the 'exchange rate' field should be used?

Amit Parik (amit-parik) wrote :
summary: - voucher: 'exchange rate' wrongly applied
+ How the 'exchange rate' field should be used?
Amit Parik (amit-parik) wrote :

Hello Lorenzo,

'Exchange Rate (Currency)' is totally new implementation for 6.1 and it's working fine.

'Exchange Rate(payment_rate)' is displayed the currency rate of invoice currency and voucher currency. I have attached video for this, So would you please check it.

I have described two different scenario in video. First is simple, Which is as normal (better to understand).

1st scenario:- I have created a invoice with CHF currency , then I have done a payment with EUR (through voucher).
Now we can see that the 'Exchange Rate' displayed '1.308600' which is exchange rate between Invoice currency (CHF) and voucher currency ( EUR Journal Currency ). Same as the payment rate currency.
We can also seen the difference amount as a 23.58 because 100EUR = 76.42 CHF .( So difference become 100-76.42=23.58)

2st scenario:- (Tricky) I have created a invoice with CHF currency. I have done payment with USD (thorough voucher).
See that 'Exchange Rate' displayed '1.018360' because it's calculated exchange rate between CHF and USD. (As per my configuration 1 CHF = 1.308600, 1 EUR= 1.2850 USD, So 1 CHF= 1.308600/1.2850 USD= 1.018360).
Now we can see 1.80 which is also proper based on calculation.

So all are working, Finally the aim of 'Exchange Rate(payment_rate)' field is it's displayed the rate difference between invoice currency and voucher currency.

That's why, this is not a bug and I am closing this issue.
Correct me If I am wrong!

Hope this will help.

Thanks for understanding!

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