Comment 36 for bug 1160365

Joël and Olivier,

My whole point since the beginning is:
1) as Joël said, we need two keys because we absolutely need to be able to consolidate business documents by companies (not just by contacts). I also want to be able to compare my purchase prices by supplier, not by supplier contact (unless I really want to)...
2) Now, if we need two keys: THE ONE EXTRA KEY TO BE ADDED IS THE CONTACT_ID KEY. NOT add a commercial_entity_id key AND SWAP the existing partner_id key from commercial entity to a mere contact without even having planned it properly before the release. . Instead, adding only the contact_id key, leaves partner_id key semantic totally intact, working as expected and makes all these invasive addons changes and the ones you already started to patch the financial parts useless just slowing down/polluting the code while not being generic enough to address all issues.

My 2 cts.