Comment 35 for bug 1160365

Normunds (Alistek) (3pm) wrote :


We cannot determine by 100% the impact of such changes, but already have serious issues list:

- data duplication,
- different partner ids for data (not related to invoices only),
- partner_id selection by function (code),
- important community modules relying on old schema,
- reporting related problems (group by partner)
- not tested whole workflow
- undiscovered related bugs

My proposal is:

1. Revert back address model as it was on 6.1.
2. Introduce some base_contact (or whatever proper name) module which installs all necessary interface and view changes while collecting them from user wizard right after installation - e.g. user choose something like "Simplified" or "Advanced" address management right after installation.

This sollution can bear much work to OpenERP SA, but they are responsible for mess they made still.

Alistek, Ltd