Comment 242 for bug 1160365

Nhomar - Vauxoo (nhomar) wrote :


I have some comments about this MP already done.


THe copy method incorrect IMHO it brake all Database management rules in the world, it remember me when we repair systems in Cobol,

Second, How After +200 messages and the MP marked yet as Need Fixing, you autocraticly merge, I think this is a proof of the sum of all my fears...

I even dont know where put my bugs friends, Everything will be really better when instead make patches to hide serious data structure errors you answer things like linux torvals make:

IMHO this approach as it is solve several leaks of feature but the MOST IMPORTANT dont.

"Data inconcistency."



In conclusion i think we must mature this problem more, IMHO 1 week and 200 message is not enought.

IOH.... When we will make public the policies inside OpenERP in terms of technical and functional approach, because It is really tired guess....

Pleas help me dudes...

My Status:

1.- I understand the model, and it is fine, i will use it.
2.- I dont understand why the final solution was copy data, it is so much confusing....