Comment 223 for bug 1160365

On 04/17/2013 12:31 PM, Luc De Meyer (Noviat) wrote:
> I don't think we should abandon the war since either this issue gets
> fixed by a solution that is acceptable for the community of partners and
> customers or otherwise the community will migrate to other solutions or
> start a new fork. I don't think this is what we want to happen.

I am shocked by that kind of attitude.

It's not a war.
It's not even a fight.
It's not about supporting one person or one company.

I hope people are smart enough to not enter in such a game.

It's just a technical disagreement on how to implement a solution.

Once every year, we have such a bug that create such a big discussion,
some misunderstandings and fears. Its not that much as we process ~6000
bugs per year (<0.1%).

It's normal to have such active discussions as we are all passionate
about what we do and most of the persons on this list do their life on
OpenERP. For me, it's just mean that we do care about OpenERP, a strong
sign of motivation.

Having said that, I may understand that our strict merge proposal/code
review process may frustrate some persons. It's boring as it requires
more effort from everyone: to test, to convince, to develop. But being
strict on accepting only quality code in OpenERP is important for the

We think that what have been proposed may seriously break OpenERP,
that's why we don't want to merge it in the core. But if you want, you
can just do a community module for it. I just hope people listen when

So, please test deeply and make your own judgment. The different
solutions are independant (Olivier Dony fixed some bugs, Raphael want to
add another layer on top of what Olivier did)

We manage OpenERP like Linus Torvald manages Linux. If Linux dodn't like
something, it will not be pushed into the core, no matter how many
people cry. A lot of people tried to fight against Linux, but at the end
the quality of the kernel is better because of him.


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