Comment 214 for bug 1160365

On 04/17/2013 12:31 PM, Luc De Meyer (Noviat) wrote:
> I don't think we should abandon the war since either this issue gets
> fixed by a solution that is acceptable for the community of partners and
> customers or otherwise the community will migrate to other solutions or
> start a new fork. I don't think this is what we want to happen.

Luc please, let this discussion not be about fighting or "being right". I hope
we're all collaborating in order to do what is best for the product, and I
think we've done a lot of progress here so far, despite frustrations.

> We already submitted a suggested solution to OpenERP two months ago (cf.
> accounting-fix/+merge/149167) and we run a production site with this
> temporary patch but we also reverted back to 6.1 for several projects
> until we have a view on a real solution to this issue.

It seems like the various issues your patch wanted to achieve are covered by
our current merge proposals. In order to make further progress the best would
be to test them (the branches are linked to this thread and it is also
available on runbot, look for 7.0-fix-contact-company-handling).

As a reminder:
- the rationale for the new model is explained here:
- a list of important cases and test results is here:

> I see many good suggestions in this track and I personnally believe that
> the suggestion of Raphael Vali is the best way forward.

The solution presented by Raphael does not replace a proper fix of the 7.0
branches right now and for the future.
You could see it as an extra 6.1-compatibility adapter on top of the official
7.0 branches, for those who can't properly deal with the migration of their
modules to the 7.0 model now. Some people may want to use it, but we can't
accept that in the official addons and we can't recommend it, because it can
result in inconsistencies, misleading data, possible loss of contact
information and possibilities of invalid business flows (details on the MPs)
And you would still have to deal properly with the migration to the 7.0 model
at some point.

So if you are really considering this solution, you must be sure you actually
analyze it properly and review the merge proposal to see the consequences.

But be sure to also test/review our merge proposals, because these are
mandatory for correcting/improving a lot of important things in 7.0,
irregardless of what you do with Raphael's work.
There may be important points that we could still improve thanks to your
feedback, so it's really worth your time.

Many thanks!