Comment 213 for bug 1160365

I don't think we should abandon the war since either this issue gets fixed by a solution that is acceptable for the community of partners and customers or otherwise the community will migrate to other solutions or start a new fork. I don't think this is what we want to happen.

We already submitted a suggested solution to OpenERP two months ago (cf. and we run a production site with this temporary patch but we also reverted back to 6.1 for several projects until we have a view on a real solution to this issue.

I see many good suggestions in this track and I personnally believe that the suggestion of Raphael Vali is the best way forward.

@Fabien, @Olivier,

What about organising a democratic poll amongst your official partners in stead of inventing a solution that may not get adopted by this channel that at the end of the day needs to generate the revenue required to fund the future of OpenERP ?