Comment 17 for bug 1160365


I started coding a patch adding a contact_id at least in the account module, but not finished yet sorry.

Meanwhile, here are some more quick examples of things that won't work as claimed if you keep enabling contacts in partner_id on business documents:

Sale module:
sale/sale_view.xml: <field name="project_id" context="{'partner_id':partner_id, 'default_pricelist_id':pricelist_id, 'default_name':name, 'default_type': 'contract'}" groups="sale.group_analytic_accounting"

So basically this context will automatically create the analytic account (yah project_id is an analytic account ;-) according to the partner_id of the sale order.
That is, you will now create as many analytic accounts as contacts for the same customer on v7. Very smart...

An other quick one:
purchase/stock_view.xml: <field name="purchase_id" domain="[('invoice_method','=','picking')]" context="{'search_default_partner_id':partner_id,'default_partner_id':partner_id, 'default_invoice_method':'picking'}"/>

Here it allows to create an incoming shipment and link it to some existing purchase order with some default filtering.
But now, with v7 contact "innovation", you may totally miss purchase orders related to the right supplier but related to a different contact. You may also fail to look at the parent_id if you selected a contact in the picking instead...

And how would you solve that?

Wouldn't you like to add a "commercial entity" field in these views so that you could use them to pass the right domains and contexts? Then you would need to add that field as a stored field in these business documents.

That is ADDING A FIELD just like are trying to avoid now with all that surrealistic proposition.
So if it's for adding a field: I say take no risk: add that contact_id field instead and keep partner_id untouched just like code consolidated over nearly a decade just expects.

And again, this is just a quick scan in some official addons, there are dozens if not hundreds of such cases when considering the main community modules (localisations anyone?).

So sorry, still not my religion.