Comment 14 for bug 1160365

On 03/26/2013 09:31 PM, Nhomar - Vauxoo wrote:
> Techinically it should be a method called
> def _get_fiscal_data(self, .....):
> return {fiscal dict}
> And the core overwrite the read method.
> def read(....):
> return self._get_fiscal_data(....)

Not exactly. As explained in part B of the solution, there will be a method on
res.partner than any module can inherit to determine the fields that are
managed on the "commercial party" and automatically synchronized on all its
children. It will not affect, but res.partner.write()! If
only read() was changed the actual data in the database would be incorrect so
search() or JOINs would not work as expected.

So there *will be* a method that your localization can extend to choose the
fields that are synchronized from the parent. That should do the job, shouldn't it?

In any case, it will probably be easier to understand after reading the merge
proposals. Hopefully they should be ready today.