Comment 2 for bug 1152011

Hi Frederic,

The root cause of this issue lies in "l10n_multilang" module where wrong value been set for "res_id"(Record ID) field of "ir_translation" object while copying translation from "Account Tax Template" to "Account Tax" names, which causes problem you pointed out in your video(when clicking on translation flag of "Account Tax" name).

Hence, I am re-assigning this bug to addons branch.

> Similare problem for accounts,

For Accounts, the translation were intentionally not created from "Account Template" names, instead, the account names were replaced in the user's language. That is why you were not able to see the translated terms for "Caisse principale" in your video. You will have your account names in German language if you configure "STERCHI chart of account" with German language set for your user.