Comment 4 for bug 870879

@maystek - Yep I understand that two processes is fine. The issue is that after OpenLP is closed, the processes remain in memory indefinitely (no CPU usage, but the same RAM usage as when the program was running).

@Stevan - When OpenLP is closed, it is removed from the "Applications" tab, but the two processes remain indefinitely.
* If the larger of the processes (~80MB) is ended manually from task manager, then both processes disappear immediately without any resistance.
* If the smaller one (688KB) is ended manually, the larger one remains and must also be ended manually.

If you try to launch OpenLP again while the old processes are still there, it runs as normal. That is, it acts as if those old processes weren't there and just creates two more. If OpenLP is opened and closed x times, all the processes remain in memory such there are 2x processes. And approx 80x MB remains occupied.

What info from Process Explorer would you be after? The state is shown as "Wait:UserRequest"