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Azaziah (suutari-olli) wrote :

I feel like the current clock time when the service list is saved for the first time is irrelevant.
It also creates problems for translating because : is used as default h:m separator in many countries.
(Windows does not support : in filenames)

So instead of d/m/y h/m it could be just d/m/y .
I know this can be shortened via the options menu, but for me (h/m) seems something the majority of users don’t need.
(And there is also those users who don’t really change any settings and just go with it anyways).

h/m might be handy if you are saving multiple service files during one day and don’t want to rename them,
but I can’t think of many other reasons. If there are any, please enlighten me.

Blessings and thank you for the effort!