Comment 1 for bug 1294111

MACC Sound Desk (sd1) wrote :

Would be nice if this coule be looked at with greater than low priority, it's a pretty confusing bug if you are not aware of it's cause...

To expand on the above, you can reproduce the issue by configuring OpenLP to bypass X11 windows manager in the settings. With that done add one song to the service, press enter to have it display on the second desktop, press ESC to quit that song, select the song again and press enter to have it display again, now you are unable press ESC to exit the song although pressing 'D' to display the desktop still works. With bypass X11 windows manager disabled you are always able to exit the song with ESC.

You will notice there is a difference in behaviour the second time you press enter to display the song on the second desktop. The first time, focus passes to the live verse list, the second time it does not and for this reason you cannot escape out of the song.

Note also that as X11 is being bypassed switching to desktop using 'D' is not an acceptable solution as this causes other windows to render incorrectly due to X11 still being bypassed.
Essentially 'Escape Item' needs to be configured to work all of the time, not just when the live verse list has the focus.