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Bug #1310486: Cannot set Limit Option for O2M field Undecided New 217 weeks

From: Hardik Shah
Link: view_form.js.patch.txt


Bug #1261322: [6.1][7.0][trunk] Default report filename is useless in daily use Undecided New 221 weeks

From: Jean Weisbuch
Link: report_print_filename_document-OE7-lpbug-1261322.diff


Bug #1289193: 'id' in editable list is not set correctly Undecided New 224 weeks

From: Thomas Rehn
Link: editable.patch


Bug #1268510: option list_db=False hides db selection field Medium Confirmed 228 weeks

From: Cedric Le Brouster(OpenFire)
Link: list_db=False.diff


Bug #1252458: no filename from saveas_ajax Undecided New 236 weeks

From: vmikac

Bug #1259433: Creating Supplier Invoice Order Line Error Message"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property..." Medium Confirmed 236 weeks

From: BrowseInfo
Link: jspatch.patch


Bug #1243773: werkzeug > 0.9: Exceptions raised from a report lead to an OpenERP client error Medium Confirmed 237 weeks

From: Twinkle Christian(OpenERP)

Bug #1243635: [trunk/7.0]Wrong dates returned, when selecting date range in calendar Medium Confirmed 243 weeks

From: Tomas Racys @ hbee
Link: web_calendar_select_date_range_fix.patch


Bug #1167429: [7.0] Wrong binary fields representation in o2m list views and unnecessary preloading Low Confirmed 248 weeks

From: Cedric Le Brouster(OpenFire)
Link: o2m_list_binary_field.diff


Bug #1216856: [trunk/7.0 ] Non-breaking space not possible in inherited view Undecided New 251 weeks

From: Wolfgang Taferner (TaPo-IT)
Link: nbsp_in_textnode_from_inherited_view.patch

Make it possible to use at least one space in web client view (HTML) based on an inherited view

Bug #1128572: [trunk/7.0]Unrecognize translated month names in date fields Low Confirmed 253 weeks

From: Cubic ERP
Link: parser.js.patch


Bug #1198838: Send all group_by values through the context Undecided New 258 weeks

From: Anael Lorimier
Link: pyeval.js.patch

Concat in context the value of the key 'group_by'

Bug #1112169: [Trunk/7.0/6.1] View doesn't update on one2many button action Low Confirmed 261 weeks

From: Cedric Le Brouster(OpenFire)
Link: OpenERP_web_o2m_refresh_7_0.diff


Bug #1161386: Styles and options for list columns as for whole rows Wishlist Confirmed 273 weeks

From: Daniel Hammerschmidt
Link: web_view_list_styles_and_options_for_rows_and_columns.diff


Bug #1020524: RTL interface Wishlist Confirmed 274 weeks

From: Mohammed Barsi
Link: all.patch

add class="rtl" on body tag if lang.direction == 'rtl'

Bug #1156843: [QWeb2] The RegExp to find directive-attributes should be stored in the engine. Low Confirmed 274 weeks

From: Daniel Hammerschmidt
Link: qweb2_attr_regexp.diff


Bug #1156830: [QWeb2] t-if, t-elseif, t-else Wishlist Confirmed 274 weeks

From: Daniel Hammerschmidt
Link: qweb2_if_elseif_else.diff


Bug #1137495: [Trunk/7.0/6.1] Exception in default_get when opening wizard results in an empty pop-up dialogue Low Confirmed 276 weeks

From: Craig Gowing (credativ)
Link: bug_1137495.patch


Bug #1099503: one2many context evaluation causes error on empty fields Undecided New 283 weeks

From: Niels Huylebroeck
Link: fix-1099503.patch


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