Comment 9 for bug 1210665

marmuta (marmuta) wrote :

Thanks for the link, interesting read and yes, the fix for this bug does exactly that: discarding motion events. We don't have high requirements for motion event timing, though. There's no need for an accurate motion history. Currently important is only that the latest event reliably comes through.

Good point about the X event filters. I had tried for sure to go through Gtk, but couldn't get it done, not even with the GdkDevice XInput abstraction layer.
Onboard is special, we needed pointer events unaffected by X grabs, see bug #905636. There appears to be no straight way to achieve this. Even the finished XInput event source is riddled with tricks and compromises. A bug fix for Gtk would not have been trivial at all and In fact, trying to cleanly abstract what I did there in a portable toolkit like Gtk seems out of reach to me.