Comment 8 for bug 1210665

Boris Burkov (vasjaforutube) wrote :

marmuta, Francesco Fumanti:

Hello again, guys! I just stumbled upon a discussion in #gtk+ IRC at where guys are complaining about having to write their own custom Xevents filter due to slow motion report in gtk (30Hz compared to native 100+Hz): I thought, the problem and its solution might be similar to what we experienced with OnBoard here.

Gtk core developers (Emmanuele "ebassi" Bassi , Benjamin "Company" Otte, Matthias "mclasen" Clasen) said, they invite (encourage, rather) downstream developers to introduce a bugfix in gtk instead of creating their own X events filters. Bug reports in gtk+ seem to be filed, but not solved. So, I just thought, it might be of interest to you.

Thanks and good luck!