Comment 3 for bug 1210665

Boris Burkov (vasjaforutube) wrote :

Um, to clarify what I did: in /usr/local/src/onboard

sudo bzr pull #bzr pull applied changes to working tree
sudo debuild clean #just in case
sudo debuild binary
cd ..
sudo dpkg -r onboard
sudo dpkg -r onboard-data
sudo dpkg -i '*onboard*'.deb

got error message about onboard-data depending on onboard>=0.99, decided to repeat everything from scratch

sudo dpkg -r onboard
sudo dpkg -r onboard-data
sudo rm -rf onboard #
sudo mkdir onboard #this was unnecessary, but just not to put .deb packages right in /usr/local/src
cd onboard
sudo bzr branch lp: onboard #now have /usr/local/src/onboard/onboard
sudo debuild binary
cd .. #now in /usr/local/src/onboard, have .debs here
sudo dpkg -i onboard_0.98.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb #ok
sudo dpkg -i onboard-data_0.98.2-0ubuntu1_all.deb #not ok, but still keyboard works even without it

Is it ok? Also, I didn't remove virtkey, but I assume, I can remove it?