Comment 8 for bug 1035578

Jeff Sereno (jsereno) wrote :

Hi Franz,

If I turn that option off, then it definitely doesn't come to the front unless the browser is a window.

I've had an interesting development, though - without changing anything else, all of a sudden OnBoard 0.97.1 is staying on top of Chromium about 8 times out of every 10 reboots on this Kiosk box I'm building, but it starts up very oddly: The startup process has a bash script execute which rotates my display 90 degrees left (for a portrait display) before launching OnBoard to be a specific size and position at the bottom of the screen. Chromium is then launched and run in Kiosk mode full-screen. OnBoard immediately disappears behind Chromium, but reappears by itself after exactly 40 seconds! If I close the browser, OnBoard stays. If I restart Chromium, OnBoard goes behind and stays there unless I pkill the OnBoard process and start it again AFTER starting Chromium.

Very odd, but sadly not consistent either.

I've also noticed that when OnBoard is on top and staying there, as soon as a JavaScript Alert box is used (eg: for prompting users about incorrect data entry), OnBoard disappears while focus goes to the Unity panel, you click OK on the alert, the browser comes back to focus and Unity disappears again, but OnBoard does not come back - it's lost behind the browser again until you kill and restart OnBoard after restarting Chromium again.