Comment 11 for bug 1035578

Jeff Sereno (jsereno) wrote :

Tried using the "-q default" parameters as suggested, and they didn't change anything. Same issues as before.

Just some further info in case it's relevant - my kiosk PC starts OnBoard and Chromium using the following script that runs upon auto-login of the kiosk user:

#!/bin bash
xrandr -o left
rsync -qr --delete --exclude='.Xauthority' --exclude='.gvfs' /etc/profile.d/kiosk/ $HOME/
xset -dpms
xset s off
onboard -s 1050x400 -x 0 -y 1280 &
sleep 10
while true;do
        chromium-browser --kiosk
        pkill onboard
        onboard -s 1050x400 -x 0 -y 1280 &

Screen res is 1080x1650, NVidia graphics on an ASRock ION330 box with Ubuntu 12.04. The pkill and restart for OnBoard I found necessary to ensure that OnBoard stayed on top if someone managed to shutdown Chromium (eg: USB keyboard and ALT+F4).

In Compiz, all functions related to resizing and moving windows (by the operator) are disabled. Unity is hidden. All keyboard shortcuts are disabled in Keyboard Shortcuts. The only function I can't stop is ALT+F4 from a USB keyboard. Not sure if any of those changes could potentially affect OnBoard.

Other than that, my setup is fairly vanilla Ubuntu.