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Russel Winder (russel) wrote :

Being under development is not a problem. What I am suggesting is something to think about for features to add. Is there a roadmap for olive-gtk?

Is there a plan to provide Nautilus integration so that Nautilus can be used as the Bazaar client?

My feeling is that most people will see Olive-GTK as their file browser when doing things with Bazaar branches, cf the way people use RapidSVN. So unless Nautilus gets Bazaar processing capability, Olive-GTK need to replicate much of what Nautilus does: file creation, deletion, etc. cf. Bug 242991.

In this case, I would propose a context item select menu that allows people to open a file with a nominated application as well as allowing double-click for the default application. On Gnome, and presumably on KDE, there are hooks to the standard ways of doing this. Or perhaps more platform independence is required (so things work on Ubuntu, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows in exactly the same way) which means the functionality needs replicating in the Olive-GTK code. (I guess this is what RapidSVN does, but I am not sure.)